WAMA is your best choice for all your
painting and maintenance jobs on the island of Bonaire

We keep Bonaire Running

Everything breaks on Bonaire.

And we can fix it!
There is a good reason why leading realtors and property owners call us when something breaks.
Oftentimes, houses or apartments are rented out to tourists and they do not want to hear that it will be fixed tomorrow three or four times in a row. They pay good money and want things fixed immediately.
That is where we come in.

In fact, we have full time maintenance contracts with a lot of the leading property owners. That way, we can maintain and service their properties and avoid breakages from the outset.
But if it does happen, we are available 24/7 to fix anything that can break, from your dishwasher, airco, or fridge right down to your plumbing, Water is leaking through the roof? Problems with the electrical circuit? Toilets blocked? Waterline burst? Locks not working?

Whatever your problem, call us, and we will come fix it.

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